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High Pressure Ulcer Risk Patients and Specialty Surface Utilization: Data From the 2010 International Pressure Ulcer Prevalence™ Survey

Lachenbruch C, et al. | 2011

A patient smiles into the camera while a caregiver transports them down a hospital hallway in a wheelchair.

This study evaluated current practice trends in surface utilization for patients at high risk for developing pressure ulcers. Surface types used for high-risk patients were powered static air (28%), foam (21.7%), low air loss (16%), self-adjusting technology (8%), alternating pressure (5.2%), nonpowered static air (2.0%), and air-fluidized therapy (1.8%), demonstrating that high-risk patients were most often placed on surfaces that are inferior to specialty surfaces with regard to pressure ulcer development and breakdown. 



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Care Settings: All Care Settings

Clinical Focus: Pressure Ulcer Management

Content Type: Abstracts / Posters


Reference: Lachenbruch C, VanGilder C, Janoff K. Poster presented at Symposium on Advanced Wound Care; April 14-17, 2011; Dallas, TX.