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Leveraging Remote Management

Medical device fleet management is critical to the health and safety of patients, but comprehensive management takes valuable time. Updating beds, troubleshooting, performing preventive maintenance and deploying bed updates are just a few items required to maintain a healthy fleet of medical devices.

Missing updates or preventive device maintenance could put your facility’s network or patients at risk — remote management can help.

  • Take control of device management while reducing the need to touch each device.
  • Get near real-time updates on deployed assets like firmware and other important information.
  • Limit external touchpoints and prevent or reduce service calls from external sources.

Preventive Maintenance Made Simpler

You know it’s an important part of maintaining the health and well-being of your beds, so you periodically dedicate time to preventive maintenance, but the process is rarely simple. Tracking down beds can be daunting and time-consuming, causing preventive maintenance delays and an ever-increasing to-do list. Our remote service solution informs you when preventive maintenance is due and, with a few clicks, where that device is located — allowing you to schedule maintenance in advance. To be even more efficient, you can leverage SmartCare Remote Management’s reporting tool to determine which beds are due for preventive maintenance in each location.

Updates and Upgrades Are a Few Clicks Away

What previously required hours of manual updates can now be activated with a few clicks using SmartCare Remote Management. The remote service portal allows you to plan updates with your clinical teams, push updates remotely and confirm when they have completed. All without needing to touch each individual device.

Assess Errors & Troubleshoot with Ease

Despite your best efforts, unexpected device errors can happen, so you need a simple way to understand issues and troubleshoot quickly and effectively. SmartCare Remote Management can help here too, providing easy remote access to error codes and possible solutions so you can solve issues quickly to maximize bed uptime.

Stay Connected & Compliant

We know security is essential. That’s why multiple checkpoints ensure your data is safe and protected at all times with our secure, cloud-based system that never interacts with patient health information (PHI). We can help you address evolving clinical needs more quickly and mitigate risk. SmartCare Remote Management allows for more consistent and timely management of connected devices across your enterprise, so you can ensure your fleet is functioning at its best.

  • Secure, cloud-based system
  • Scales to fit your facility's management requirements
  • Never interacts with patient health information
  • Helps proactively service equipment to reduce downtime and care disruptions

See how remote device management can help your organization save time, mitigate the risks of outdated software and more.



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