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How-to Guide: Reducing Patient Injuries From Falls

Boushon B, et al. | Institute for Healthcare Improvement | 2012

A patient sitting up in their Hillrom Centrella® Smart+ Bed.

The How-to Guide: Reducing Patient Injuries from Falls presents a promising new approach developed within the Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB) initiative. In 2006, eight hospitals with strong leadership commitment to a culture of innovation and a special interest in reducing injury from falls received RWJF grants to test, and measure comprehensive changes aimed at reducing patient injury from falls on medical and surgical units. In 2007, these hospitals continued to test innovations in falls and injury prevention in hospitals through a second IHI Falls Collaborative. During this time, key components for reducing falls-related injuries were specified for organization-level and unit-level programs. Unit-level strategies focused on assessment, intervention, and communication about fall risks, injury risks, and management.

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Care Settings: Acute Care

Clinical Focus: Fall Prevention

Content Type: Whitepapers

Reference: Boushon B, Nielsen G, Quigley P, Rutherford P, Taylor J, Shannon D, Rita S. How-to Guide: Reducing Patient Injuries from Falls. Cambridge, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2012.