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Overall Results from the 2011 International Pressure Ulcer Prevalence™ Survey

VanGilder C, et al | 2012

A clinician rests their hand on a patient's shoulder to provide support.

The 2011 IPUP survey included 104,266 patients, and demonstrated a significant decrease in Overall Prevalence (OP) beginning in 2007 and Facility Acquired Prevalence (FAP) beginning in 2008. However, at present one in ten patients has an ulcer and nearly one in 20 develop one. Acute Care and Rehab had decreased OP and FAP, while LTC remained steady and LTAC OP and FAP increased in 2011. Prevalence by Age increases dramatically after age 60. By stage, severe ulcers as a proportion of all ulcers, have remained constant, and sDTI’s are now 11% of all identified ulcers



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Care Settings: All Care Settings

Clinical Focus: Pressure Ulcer Management

Content Type: Abstracts / Posters

Reference: VanGilder C, Lachenbruch C, Harrison P, Davis D, et al. Overall Results from the 2011 International Pressure Ulcer Prevalence (IPUP) Survey™. Poster Presentation: WOCN 2012, Charlotte NC.