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Pressure Ulcer Prevention in High-Risk Postoperative Cardiovascular Patients

Jackson M, et al. | Critical Care Nurse | 2011

A clinician and patient smile at each other in a hospital hallway while the patient sits in a wheelchair.

Air-fluidized therapy beds were provided for patients who required vasopressors and mechanical ventilation for at least 24 hours postoperatively. While on therapy beds, only 1 of 27 patients developed a stage I ulcer versus 40 ulcers developed in 25 patients prior to therapy bed implementation despite already being a high-risk population for the development of pressure ulcers due to severity of illness.

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Care Settings: Acute Care

Clinical Focus: Pressure Ulcer Management

Content Type: Journal Articles

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Reference: Jackson M, McKenney T, Drumm J,LeMaster T, et al. Pressure Ulcer Prevention in High-Risk Postoperative Cardiovascular Patients. Critical Care Nurse. 2011;31(4):44-53.