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Case Study

Case Study

Nemours Children’s Hospital of Orlando

The Clinical Logistics Center keeps eyes and ears on pediatric patients in Delaware and Florida, with medics monitoring physiological and nurse call alerts 24/7 from a high-tech central hub.


New state-of-the-art facility promotes a healing environment with quiet, efficient communication.

When Nemours Children’s Hospital of Orlando opened in 2012, its approach to patient-centered care included kid-friendly surroundings and activities to make visits as comfortable as possible. That dedication to a soothing environment also extended to the choice of a communication platform. After extensive research, the IT staff made a pre-construction decision to implement more than 100 Voalte smartphones for quick, quiet, efficient communication throughout the hospital.

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If a nurse is trying to place a call on a voice badge, the process can be prolonged if it doesn’t recognize her voice. A one-word text can mean the difference between life and death.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Application Support Supervisor Nemours Children's Hospital