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ECG Data Across the IDN: How Clinics Fit In

Clinician types on a laptop hosting the Welch Allyn Diagnostic Cardiology Suite ECG

ECG standardization should support clinical best practice—not vice versa. There are several factors to consider when evaluating what’s right for each part of your organization.

Standardizing technologies and processes can go a long way toward providing the best, most efficient patient care. But when it comes to clinically driven decisions, such as which ECG devices to support across your care settings, standardization may not always be the answer.

When making decisions about ECG devices and connectivity models, the ramifications go well beyond IT concerns. Above all, make sure you understand the clinical use case for each of your care settings. Download our latest whitepaper to learn more about…
  • When standardization can help
  • Where standardization can hinder
  • How ECG data maintenance can be a deciding factor
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