Envella Air Fluidized Therapy Bed (RENTAL ONLY)
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Envella® Air Fluidized Therapy Bed (RENTAL ONLY)

Accelerating wound healing. Elevating the standard of care.


Patients with complex wounds need elevated care. So, we designed the Envella® Air Fluidized Therapy (AFT) Bed as our most advanced wound care surface to date. The Envella® bed can help your patients heal more quickly and comfortably. It pushes air through millions of tiny beads, creating a fluid-like environment that feels similar to floating on water. This action boosts immersion and envelopment, minimizes shear and pressure, and helps control the skin’s microclimate.


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Compared to powered air surfaces like the Joerns® Dolphin FIS® mattress, our Envella® bed may offer your patient:1

  • Up to 33% better pressure redistribution
  • Up to 61 times greater evaporative capacity
  • Up to 92% better shear performance

This healing environment is proven to enhance outcomes for a broad range of high-acuity wound cases:

  • Flap and Graft Healing in a Post-Op Study 16 flap patients were placed on AFT immediately after their operations. 94% developed no complications.2
  • Preventing DTI Deterioration in an Acute Care Study AFT helped to prevent Stage 3-4 pressure injuries in 100% of patients with DTIs, which resulted in reduced costs.3
  • Accelerating Pressure Injury Healing in a Long-Term Care Study Of 664 nursing home patients, those with Stage 3-4 pressure injuries who were placed on AFT healed 4.4 times faster and had 2.6 times fewer hospitalizations, compared to those who were placed on alternating pressure surfaces.4
  • Our Envella® AFT bed offers key improvements over its predecessors.

Elevate Your Patient's Comfort

  • The Envella® bed’s auto-leveling bead bath and reinforced side bolsters help keep your patients from bottoming out
  • Adjustable firmness in the transition between the bead bath and the head section can keep your patients in the best—and most comfortable—position
  • The AFT air flow can be quickly modified
  • Adjustable comfort zones in the head section redistribute weight-based pressure
  • Enhanced temperature controls quickly heat or cool the bead bath

Elevate Your Patient's Safety

  • A bed exit alarm (with alert silence) helps protect your fall-risk patients
  • Side/Surface transfer deflates the bed’s head and side bolsters to help you move patients more easily and safely
  • A head-of-bed angle indicator and alert help you monitor your patients for pulmonary complications Elevate Your Care Team's Productivity
  • The bed's touchscreen controls are simple and intuitive
  • Self-standing siderails and hooks for cord wrapping help your team to work safely and efficiently
  • An integrated scale lets you weigh your patient in the bed, without disrupting the wound site
  • High-quality casters and foot pedal braking make the Envella® bed easy to maneuver
Close up of foot end of bed

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Technical Specifications

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High Position 31.5" (80 cm)
Overall Width 40" (101.6cm)
Patient Weight Range 70 - 350 lb (32 - 160kg)
Overall Length 92.5" (235 cm)

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