TotalCare SpO2RT 2 ICU Bed
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TotalCare SpO2RT® 2 ICU Bed

Pressure Redistribution


The TotalCare SpO2RT® 2 Therapy Bed helps caregivers treat patient complications by supporting early mobility strategies in ICU patients.


  • Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy
  • Percussion and Vibration Therapy, including postural setting options
  • Weight based pressure redistribution in any bed position
  • Advanced Microclimate® Technology
  • Point-Of-Care® siderail controls with Graphical Caregiver Interface (GCI)® feature
  • Digital Head of bed angle indicator and alarm
  • 3 mode bed exit sensor with alarm silence and alarm suspend modes
  • FullChair® and chair egress with stand assist
  • Boost® one-button patient repositioning support
  • Turn assist
  • Optional IntelliDrive® powered transport
  • FlexAfoot® electrical bed retraction and extension
  • HandsFree™ emergency CPR and Trendelenburg
  • History data on patient weight, head of bed elevation, chair position, and pulmonary therapies
  • Therapy reminders
  • Safety stop and alarm for pulmonary therapies when side rails are down
A patient sitting in the TotalCare SpO2RT 2 ICU Bed is comforted by his clinician

Technical Specifications

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Overall length 81.5” (207.0 cm) to 93.0” (236.2 cm)
Overall width Side rails up 40.5" (102.9 cm)
Max Head elevation 75°
Max Patient weight for SpO2RT Mattress 500 lb (227 kg)